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Formal Education and Training

I hold a Masters Degree in Guidance & Counseling from Texas A & M University. Major coursework included human growth and development with an emphasis on early childhood and adolescent development, assessment, family and group dynamics. I also hold a Post Masters Certificate in Clinical Community Counseling from Johns Hopkins University. Major coursework included advanced application of individual, group, marriage, DSM, psychological assessments, alcohol and drug counseling. I have 6 years assessment and crisis response counseling in hospital and community settings,14 years experience providing individual, family therapy in school, home, and clinic based settings. I have had training in EMDR for PTSD trauma work. 

My Approach

I believe everyone can improve their level of functioning and reach an optimum level of health when adequate community supports are in place

to meet their financial, medical, educational, and social needs. Because everyone is unique with the issues they present, I employ an eclectic approach with a strong emphasis on cognitive-behavioral strategies. I find this approach allows people to fully understand their destructive thinking patterns and subsequent emotions that often lead to maladaptive choices in behavior which impacts functioning on multiple levels. People presenting with grief, anxiety, adjustments, and depression can reach an optimum level of functioning using cognitive behavioral techniques as I have witnessed in my years of practice.

My Approach
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